Recording Albums At Last!

Here I am 30 years into my career having not produced a single solo album for public consumption and then THREE emerge all at once; just like London buses!


To suddenly have a shop and be properly presented as 'a brand' is a strange dynamic but the world sometimes is strange too! But, that said, it is wonderful to know that with all these numerous tunes in my soul and under my fingers, I can give something to the world and say "Yes! This is mine!"


So, please purchase for yourselves or others or better still both. Look out for the "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" Specials. 


This is also very special for my drummer Andy Gemmell; who has never featured on a recording with the trio despite being my number one man alongside Alan Prosser for 13 years! So this is a celebration of our human consistency as an ensemble. The security of trusting your colleagues in the intimate forum of live performance; regardles of location type, date and time of day is a special privilege.that I have enjoyed for the life of my trio! 


Let me know what you like and dislike and what you'd like to hear from me and us on record; now there;s a challenge! Please enjoy...