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So, you are getting married in a Civil Wedding Ceremony. You’ve got grand ideas but you’ve never done something like this before. It’s a bit like trying to create a West End Musical with very little previous experience.

The similarities don’t stop there! You’re becoming aware of the intensity of expectation and dread the scrutiny of your guests!

It’s all unfamiliar territory, a bit like not knowing the script comfortably beforehand or not fully understanding how exactly the musical numbers are staged, what the musical cues actually are or even the stage set.

Worse! You may have that sinking feeling of being like a fish out of the water. If it was a show, you surely wouldn’t go straight into the opening night without even doing a proper technical dress rehearsal, or at the very least a proper  run-through!

It’s your big event, surely, in your mind, you dream of the entrance being stunning, the music perfectly matching the grand procession of your Bridal Party, as they float in perfectly. The vows will be emotional, the guests will gasp and your exit will also be memorable; That’s a lovely theory! 

In reality, that’s how a great many Civil Ceremonies are conceived; lots of speculative guesswork in the vain hope that it all might just click. Your wedding day is YOUR story featuring real people, YOUR people! Most of whom matter to you and you to them, but they’re not seasoned West End performers! But they too deserve to be excited and sincerely want to help you create something magical. To pull this off, you need to be better informed, directed and advised comprehensively, so that dream can become a triumphant reality.

If you’re still unperturbed that’s fine; carry on! But if you are a tad anxious about how it should roll (and be honest many of you are!) read on...

Since May 1996, I have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to inspire, direct and coordinate over 1,200 stand-out Civil Ceremonies successfully and now I want to do that for you!

I am widely respected and revered as a Pianist of the highest calibre, but it’s my integral knowledge, input and emotional involvement on every Civil Ceremony that not only has given couples a great boost and tremendous reassurance, but enabled them to execute their dream weddings with total confidence.

My awareness of Ceremony etiquette, application to the fine details coupled with my durability, has earned me the respect and confidence of countless couples AND the trust of Registrars everywhere.

My fully comprehensive Online Course has been created to enlighten and empower couples like you, to make informed decisions when planning the critical content of the Wedding day, and then enjoy an Amazing Ceremony experience.

Planning a Wedding and getting married should be an amazing and exhilarating journey like no other and it is my wish that every couple shares that special feeling of fabulousness and joy every step along the way...

The course is a series of short video modules. Once it is downloaded, it is yours for life. You can then watch the video presentations in your own time, in any order at your leisure. I will explore and detail all aspects of the Civil Wedding Ceremony, in short bite-size chunks. 

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